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Books & Reports

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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox (2009) Mobile Usability


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GIS & Location Services

Meng L., Zipf A., Reichenbacher T. (Eds.) (2004) Map-Based Mobile Services: Theories, Methods and Implementations, Berlin: Springer, 260 p. | Amazon


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Standards & Guidelines

Serco Usability Services (2000) Designing WAP Services: Usability Guidelines |


Motorola (2004) iDEN J2ME™ Applications User Interface Style Guide and Usability Guidelines (Version 1.00) |


Motorola (2001) User Interface Style Guide: For J2ME™ Applications Running on Motorola iDEN™ Handsets (Version R1.0) | PDF



iPhone | iPad

Apple (2011) iOS Human Interface Guidelines: User Experience, Cupertino: Apple, 156 p. | PDF


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Tidwell J. (2009) Mobile Design Patterns, Interaction’09 | Vimeo


Blais J. (2010) Designing for Mobile Experiences, Interaction’10 | Vimeo

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