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ServicesUsability Testing Laboratory

Since March 2010, we have a permanently operating usability testing facility in Tallinn, Estonia. We also conduct usability testing in Russia (Moscow and St-Petersburg) and Latvia (Riga) using our portable usability testing equipment or our Russian and Latvian partners' usability labs.


The Estonian laboratory consists of three adjacent rooms: a reception/briefing room for participant meet and greet, the test room,

and control/observation room.


interUX Usability Lab


A test participant's work is observed via two cameras and the result is presented on two 26" monitors in the observation room.


Observation Room Monitors


The laboratory offers a wide range of usability testing activities including desktop and web applications, handheld devices,
and paper prototypes evaluation.


Eye-tracking usability studies are performed with the Mirametrix S2 eye-tracker.


Eye-tracking usability testing in Tallinn, Estonia


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